Cushion Faux-fur Snow Leopard


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Snow Leopard Faux- Fur, ca. 45 x 45 cm


Winter Home

Trendy faux-fur creations as seat & armchair cushions or carpet.
Easy to clean and washable. Regular and careful care guarantees you long-lasting enjoyment of the product.


In case of heavy soiling, clean with lukewarm water and mild soapy water. Always rub in the direction of the pile. Check the cleaning beforehand on a concealed spot. Then wipe off the residues of the cleaning agent with lukewarm water and rub dry with a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive or solvent-, alcohol-, grease- or oil-based cleaners and care products.


For additional washing instructions, please refer to the cleaning symbols. We recommend drying the Cushion in the air. Dryers may be damaged due to the heat.


The Faux-Fur is  specially refined and has very little hair. Nevertheless, intensive plucking, tearing and scrubbing can lead to hair loss. If static charging occurs despite antistatic treatment, an increase in air humidity can help. A commercially available antistatic spray can also be a short-term solution.

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